Principal Message

In this global competitive economy, the traditional concept of a stand-alone school is no longer sufficient to ensure the competitive edge for the success of our students.

Most of the schools stop at providing the education which is not enough in this day and age. What is more important is what are you going to do after you achieve your degree and certifications? This is where we at SRIKARI make a difference to our students’ journey with us.

We are committed to delivering a learning experience that is relevant and practical in this ever-changing world.

Moving forward, my goal is to create learning environment where our students can engage in the pursuit of knowledge and skills across a board range of disciplines. My team and I are committed in making positive difference in the lives of our students. I hope you will maximize the opportunities and resources available at SRIKARI in your quest for knowledge and excellence. Become a part of our community and discover how SRIKARI can help you reach your potential in a rewarding and exciting learning journey.


S Rekha

I would like to thank all our students, staff and parents who have supported us and most importantly, believed in us.

At SRIKARI , We don’t do different things but we do things differently.
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